Want to help? – then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.
Right now we’d really appreciate help from anyone with the following skills or experience

  • A Grant Funding Guru (for our project management costs)  - researching sources of funding we can tap into, and helping put the bids together 
  • Business Finance – help us develop a first draft of our business plan, and identify the commercial risks
  • Community Communications – help us plan our communications strategy and put it into action. Help with setting up meetings and managing the development and distribution of regular newsletters to a wide range of stakeholders 
  • Technical knowledge of rural telecommunications networks (especially wireless, and mixed wireless/fibre systems) to help us understand the technical issues in more detail as we work alongside Community Broadband Scotland.
  • Public procurement processes – especially competitive dialogue – which will be used to tender for our system


We’d also like to have lots of “Ears to the Ground” – if you’re already active in your local community and know what’s going on we’d love to hear from you. We want to know what communities want from the project, and are keen for your feedback on how we’re doing.

Please get in touch by emailing us at info@bordersbroadband.co.uk